Trimmings 3 6X10 Decor Mould
Trimmings 3 6X10 Decor Mould

Trimmings 3 6X10 Decor Mould

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Introducing SIX unique, antique-inspired border trim elements that feature beautiful curves, graceful lines, and natural elements.

Unique to this food-safe silicone mold, we created designs that allow you to seamlessly connect between castings.

IOD moulds are lovingly created, finely detailed, and made of super durable silicone. They can be used for all kinds of ‘do-it-yourself’ projects, including home decor, painted furniture makeovers, jewelry making, resin art… and did we mention they’re food safe? You can make cookies, cookie toppers, and fondant cake decorations with the new IOD Sunflowers Mould.
AND.. they play well with so many types of media- air dry clay, polymer clay, earthen clay, hot glue, wax, and even chocolate (food safe rated-but please do not interchange from food to another medium)


Mould Size appx. 6x10, Food Grade Safe

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