Wild Flower Botanicals 24x33 Decor Transfer™

Iron Orchid Designs

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Wild Flower Botanicals 24x33 Decor Transfer™
Wild Flower Botanicals 24x33 Decor Transfer™

Dimensions: 24"x33" Full Color

I looked up, beckoned by the distant call. An animal. I had read that same paragraph three times. The humid air clung to me. It was only supposed to be a month. Four weeks. ~8 days. But botany. Another flower discovered. And I couldn't keep him from the passion of discovery. So I soaked up the thick jasmine and iced tea, sprawled across the bamboo chaise, and forced myself to finish that book, that dreadfully long book.

  • Distressable (for complete customization, sand to your liking! We don’t mind.)
  • Buildable (more opaque so they can be layered with other transfers, as well as show up against darker colors. Because sometimes one is just not enough, and a maker needs to make it their own.)
  • Improved backing to help prevent transfer mishaps (and the subsequent crushed souls.)
  • Easy to use (These beauties transfer onto your project surface like butter. )

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